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COMMIT Dance Fitness Instructors are Dynamic and create a unique experience for their students.

Instructor Culture

The Foundation of COMMIT 

Creating the COMMIT Experience

The COMMIT D.A.N.C.E LAB provides you with the tools to create the ultimate COMMIT Dance Fitness Experience. When you take each element of D.A.N.C.E and top it with your unique style you now have the COMMIT Experience.

Cue the Movement

In Dance Fitness the Instructor provides a signal, a word or action, used to prepare their students for what is to come. This is called a Cue. Cuing is personal. Not one instructor will cue the same move the same way. This takes time and practice to master it.


Tip: Choreograph your cuing into your fitness routines so that when you are instructing you can focus on your students and not your cues


Non-verbal Cue, using a hand gesture or signal

  1. Direction Cue – pointing and/or guiding the way the next move of the routine will go. Guide the students with hand cues (make sure they are visible, hold them up away from the body or out away from the body) leading them front, back, left, right, and side to side.

  2. Digit Cue – Holding your hand out and up away from the body showing how many times a move is repeated.

  3. Movement Preview or Pre-Cue is done on the 7-8 count to show what the next move will be.


Verbal Cue also known as Vocal-ography – Used to call out the next movement.

  1. Use your words to let participants know what the next move is.

  2. Describe the movement or call out the name of the move. Get creative with it and have fun.

Mirror the Movement

Mirroring in CTY COMMIT Dance Fitness you are left leading. You face your students guiding them to start with their right side. Most choreography created for COMMIT allows the instructor to easily flip from right lead to left lead. Mirroring is a great way to engage with your students and notice where someone may need assistance with their form. The average instructor will mirror for over 50% of their class. 

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