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Our Mission and Core Values

The Full Story

About COMMIT Dance Fitness

Back in 2014, Donna Black was a Trainer in the dance fitness community. She mentored and began working with a group of instructors at a local event center in Tacoma, WA. There, they were able to create a schedule of classes. Each instructor partnered with someone and they would teach on that day of the week every week. They called it Commit to You, or CTY. It was their home to teach active classes and grow their community. During that time Donna was also working on a development team with her sister, Jessica Black aka J.Black, and Jessica Quande.

The three of them left the company they worked together at, Donna and Quande continued to do master classes and travel without a format, J.Black went to work for State Farm. Then on April 23, 2017 they applied for an official business license for CTY Fitness. They held a meeting with the instructors that were already teaching at CTY and asked them if they wanted to go on this journey for creating a format COMMIT Dance Fitness. It would be the first format under the umbrella of Commit to You Fitness, LLC. ​

COMMIT Dance fitness licensed 80 people in their first ever training and another 80 in their second training. Since then, COMMIT has licensed over 600 people and are in over 15 states. We have been compared to the tortoise to the hare, and we are ok with that. With consistency and balance we plan to create an everlasting format. We now have a team of 10 core team members, 50 Creative and Development team Members, and we plan to keep growing.

Stay tuned as our story develops.



To bridge all communities through music, dance, and fitness

Core Values

Wild Out, laughter is fuel to the soul like food is to the body. Helps to create the fun healthy experience, allows you to feel free & express your unique self.

Community, relationships and network.

Empowerment, we are here to motivate and encourage, to step outside of your own self-imposed boundaries mentally and physically.

Respect, acceptance of all walks of life. Celebrating differences, abilities and passions.

Compassion through Action, community outreach and fundraising for individuals in need. To be a listening ear and have a giving heart to help when it is needed.

Core Vaues
Our MIssion

What is COMMIT Dance Fitness

COMMIT Dance Fitness is a dynamic, fun-filled HIIT influenced (High intensity interval training) dance workout. Each routine focuses on essential fitness elements created to a variety of popular music, from all over the world, that will inspire everyone to get moving.


COMMIT Classes introduce a variety of dance styles from the latest trends, to oldies but goodies, and international flavors. 


Our choreography is created in levels to introduce movement to the students while showing modifications and variations. These are provided to the instructors guaranteeing success for each student to reach their maximum workout. 


Each level gradually increases with intensity, allowing a HIIT-influenced dance experience. It provides muscle confusion, stamina, and an endurance building cardio frenzy. Along with the choreography being created in levels, each song serves a purpose and is created with a target muscle group in mind. If each move is done with intention, the shaping and sculpting of the body will be proof of what COMMIT has to offer.

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