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COMMIT Instructor Spotlight

Meet the COMMIT Instructors in your community

Carolynn Davis

Dallas, TX

Carolynn is a COMMIT Ambassador out of the Dallas area. She has a magnetic smile, welcoming heart, and DYNAMIC presence. She shows up to her classes and for the community always prepared.

Watch the video to learn more about Carolynn.

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Fava Palu

Tacoma, WA

Fava is the definition of Wild'n Out. She does not shy away from making you laugh with her, dance with her and more. Through her encouraging cheers, Fava finds a way to keep the party going. 

Lets watch as Fava explains why she is Wild'n Out.

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Jillian Hooper

Hampton, VA

Jillian is one of our COMMIT Ambassadors in VA and it makes sense that she is also being acknowledged as a Socialite. She wants everyone to feel like they're a part of the amazing community that is growing in Virginia. Jillian is known for being supportive by showing up to various instructor classes.

Let's get to know Jillian.

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Janice Godfrey

Durham, NC

Janice is the epitome of Compassion Through Action. She is a service leader that encourages and empowers others to give back on their time in their own ways. She has put together various fundraisers throughout the years for different causes that impact the community. Janice and others like her set the bar high.

Let's meet Janice.

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