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Update us with your new COMMIT Dance Fitness class

or make changes to your current class information.

COMMIT Dance Fitness Classes in Action


Use the form below to register your new COMMIT Dance Fitness Class or update a current class with a new date and time. Please follow the directions on the form and fill the form out completely. You area able to submit 2 classes per form.

If you are updating or replacing an existing class please input that information in the first box, then use the rest of the form to update the new class information. For example. you would input the existing class facility name and class schedule in the first box on the form. Then the rest of the form will be the new class information that is replacing the old class information.


Please email or call (800) 762-8905 x2 if you have questions before finishing the form.

***Allow 72-hours for the class to be updated or added to the class search function on the website.***

1st Class Details

Are you updating a current class or scheduling a new class?

Update existing/new class information 

Do you co-instruct?
Is your class in person or virtual?
Day of the week
Length of class

In-person class information

Click next to add your 2nd class details or to finish submitting the form.

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