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Meet Redd

Redd is her nickname that she goes by


Redd was born in Chicago, IL grew up in Souther Cali and now resides in the Tacoma area of Washington State. She has 4 girls that she dedicates majority of her time raising and providing for. During the day you can find Redd working as a Care Provider and Private Chef. In her downtime she likes to cook, take care of her plants, read, listen to music, be outdoors and create choreo for her COMMIT Dance Fitness classes.

When we asked Redd, "What is your dance fitness story; Why did you start attending dance fitness classes? And what made you start teaching?" She said, "I started taking Zumba at the YMCA in 2011 then stopped. When I came back to the YMCA, I came to take the Zumba class again but it changed to MixxedFit on the schedule. I saw people in that class who took Zumba and saw how much weight they lost. Seeing them still together and teaching inspired me to stay. I became an instructor because of the

people around me, in dance fitness, pushed me out of my comfort zone to become an instructor." Redd is a part of the first group of COMMIT to You instructors that taught at the Cultura Event Center together. She transitioned into teaching COMMIT Dance Fitness Classes with the rest of them because her favorite thing about COMMIT is the friends she has made.

Redd is now a part of the instructor Connect Team as 1 of 6 members that help on-board new instructors and provides ideas to continue connecting with current instructors. In her words the purpose of Instructor Connect is "to bring the community and our instructors together." She is motivated by the people in the community and the love shown across the board. This is why she wants to continue that connection and help it grow into everything she knows it can become. 

Redd has a strong familial support system that allows her to work with COMMIT and maintain a work/life/home balance. COMMIT encourages a family first mentality so it is always refreshing to see the family participate with the instructors. She currently teaches COMMIT Dance Fitness classes through Metro Parks  in Tacoma, WA. You can find her classes at the Star Center.

We asked Redd, "What is one piece of advice you wish you would have received when you started dance fitness?" Her response was, "Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them." With that advice Redd has this confidence within her that makes her feel unbreakable. She believes in herself and loves helping people become a better versions of themselves.

Stay connected with Redd and the other Instructor Connect Team Members by emailing or fill out the form below and one of the team members will reach out to you.


(800) 762-8905 x 5


(800) 762-8905 x 5

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