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Meet Lissa

She also goes by Liss


Lissa  was born in Florida and grew up in the area known as the Panhandle. She now resides in Gig Harbor, WA and is a part of the group we like to call "Dem Harbor Girls". If you know you know. She has two grown make children and now spends her time between her career as an office manger at an engineering firm with COMMIT Dance FItness. 

We asked Lissa "What is your dance fitness story; Why did you start attending dance fitness classes? And what made you start teaching?" She said, "She started dance fitness back in the day with the Reebok with the straps." Lissa has been a part of COMMIT as one of the first instructors to get licensed in Washington State. She met Donna through another format and began dancing with her. She loves the COMMIT Community.

Lissa  is a part of the instructor Connect Team as 1 of 6 members that help on-board new instructors and provides ideas to continue connecting with current instructors. In her words the purpose of Instructor Connect is "To help new instructors feel welcome and help guide them through the first couple of months of their journey. To help all COMMIT instructors and students find what they need to be successful and have a great experience." Lissa is motivated by helping others achieve success in their life no matter how big or small. Lissa teaches two classes a week at the Gig Harbor YMCA where she can be found mentoring students into teaching.

We asked Lissa, "What is one piece of advice you wish you would have received when you started dance fitness?" Her response was, "Stop judging yourself!!!!." Lissa is and will always be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. She is your biggest fan and you haven't even met yet.

Stay connected with Lissa and the other Instructor Connect Team Members by emailing or fill out the form below and one of the team members will reach out to you.


(800) 762-8905 x 5


(800) 762-8905 x 5

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